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Native Visions: Tribal Influence in German Expressionist Prints
is on view at Pace Master Prints and Pace Primitive
32 East 57th Street, Third Floor, NYC
from February 24-March 25, 2006

Please Note: For further questions regarding prices and availability please contact us at: info@GermanExpressionism.com

Stehendes Kind (Franzi Stehend) Erich Heckel (1883 Döbeln-1970 Radolfzell)
Color woodcut. 1910
Signed and dated in pencil lower right and tilted. One of only 6 known impressions in black and green (presumably printed later, as usual). On thick structured paper.
Reference: Dube 204 b 1 (of 2)
Size: 367/374 mm x 241/270 mm (559 x 352 mm)
Drei Akte Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 Aschaffenburg-1938 Frauenkirch/Davos)
Woodcut. 1911.
Signed in pencil lower right and inscribed lower left. A fine, handprinted impression of this extremely rare print. One of four known impressions in the second state before the edition for Der Sturm. Gercken knows one impression in the first state and doubts that Dubes third state exists. On wove paper.
Reference: Dube 182 II (of III)
Provenance: Collection Heinrich Stinnes, Cologne
Gutekunst & Klipstein, 20.-22.6.1938, cat.-no.509 reproduced
Collection Aebli-Streiff, Zurich
Size: 205 x 260 mm (220/223 x 258 mm)
TÄNZERIN Emil Nolde (1867 Nolde - 1956 Seebüll)
Lithograph, printed in colors (ochre, black, gray-violet and dark red) 1913.
Signed in pencil lower right, titled and inscribed lower left, from the edition recorded as 35, printed at the Westphalen lithography workshop, Flensburg, on Japan paper. A superb impression, the colors remarkably fresh and vibrant.This important lithograph went through a number of different stages and was printed from up to five lithographic stones for some proofs. Our impression, one of 35, was printed from four stones. First the ochre, followed by the black details, then the grayish-violet background and finally the dark red. All impressions are exceptionally rare as the working proofs were lost during the bombing raid in 1944.Tänzerin is a masterpiece of German Expressionism, and unquestionably Nolde´s greates achievement as a printmaker.
Reference: Schiefler/Mosel 56
Size: 530 x 690 mm (604 x 780 mm) / 20 7/8 x 27 3/16 in. (23 ¾ x 30 ¾ in.)
KNIENDE AM STEIN Erich Heckel (1883 Döbeln-1970 Radolfzell)

Woodcut. 1913/14.
Signed in pencil lower right and dated. According to Dube a proof aside from the edition of 40, which where signed by the printer Voigt and published in the portfolio Elf Holzschnitte, Berlin, 1921. Brilliant impression on thick wove paper.
Reference: Dube H 258 A (of B b)
Size: 499 x 311/323 mm (689 x 495 mm)
STEHENDE SÜDSEEFRAU MIT KIND Emil Nolde (1867 Nolde - 1956 Seebüll)
Watercolor. 1913/14.
Signed in pencil, on Japan paper.
MÜSSIGE HETÄREN Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884 Rottluff - 1976 Berlin)
Woodcut 1914.
Signed in pencil lower right S. Rottluff and dated 1914. Inscribed in the lower left edge with the work number 1544. A superb, deep black impression of this large woodcut. The grain of the woodblock used to enhance the image. On brownish laid paper with watermark SLG.
Reference: Schapire 133
Size: 395 x 500 mm (510 x 612 mm)
KNIENDE Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884 Rottluff - 1976 Berlin)
Woodcut 1914.
Signed in pencil lower right. A particularly fine, strong impression of one of the major prints from the important group of monumental woodcuts from 1914. Hand-printed, on thick, soft wove paper.
Reference: Schapire 132
Size: 500 x 395 mm (705 x 558 mm)
FAMILIE Emil Nolde (1867 Nolde - 1956 Seebüll)

Woodcut. 1917
Signed in pencil lower right. Titled in the lower left corner by Ada Nolde. According to Noldes notes one of 16 impressions. On firm sturdy paper.
Reference: Schiefler/Mosel 128 II
Size: 235 x 325 mm (298 x 393 mm)
LIEBESPAAR Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884 Rottluff - 1976 Berlin)
Woodcut. 1918.
Signed in pencil lower right and inscribed with the work number. A brilliant impression of this scarce print, the richly inked black areas printed with fine subtieties of the wood-grain. On warm-toned brownish wove paper. In excellent condition.
Reference: Schapire 207
Size: 599 x 253 mm (708 x 390 mm)
MÄDCHEN AUS KOWNO Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884 Rottluff - 1976 Berlin)
Woodcut 1918.
Signed in pencil lower right. Published as plate 10 in the portfolio Zehn Holzschnitte von Schmidt-Rottluff, Graphisches Kabinett I. B. Neumann, Berlin 1919. From the edition of 75 impressions, on laid paper.
Reference: Schapire 209
Size: 498 x 390/392 mm (617 x 507/510 mm)
KERZENTÄNZERIN Emil Nolde (1867 Nolde - 1956 Seebüll)
Line and tonal etching. 1918.
Signed in pencil lower right. One of 14 impressions.
Reference: Schiefler/Mosel 195 II
GROSSE PROPHETIN Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884 Rottluff - 1976 Berlin)
Woodcut. 1919.
Signed in pencil lower right. Signed by the printer (printed by F. Voigt) lower left. A brilliant impression. The deep black areas printed with fine subleties of the wood-grain. On laid Japan paper.
Reference: Schapire 258
500 x 390/393 mm (750 x 505 mm)
ZWIESPRACHE Hermann Max Pechstein (1881 Zwickau - 1955 Berlin)
Woodcut in colors. 1920.
Signed in pencil lower right and dated. Excellent impression on laid paper, with full margins, with the blindstamp of the Euphorion-Verlag in the lower right corner. The colors strong and fresh.
Reference: Krüger H 228; Fechter 162
Size: 409 x 320 mm (533 x 407 mm)
ZWEI MÄDCHEN - HALBAKTE (RUSSISCHES MÄDCHENPAAR Otto Mueller (1874 Liebau - 1930 Breslau)
Lithograph. 1920.
Signed in pencil with the monogram lower right. A very fine, strong, black impression with good contrasts, on warm-toned yellow paper. One of circa 60 monogrammed impressions. Further 30 impressions were printed on Japan. According to Karsch, the edition printed on different, mostly laid papers. Our impression on lightly hammered yellowish laid paper as described by Karsch.
Reference: Karsch 121 b (von c).
Size: 437 x 343 mm (511 x 403 mm)
ZWEI KÖPFE Christian Rohlfs (1848 Niendorf-1939 Hagen)
Tempera. 1929.
Signed with the monogramm and dated lower right. On paper.
Reference: Schapire H 7
Size: 295 x 385 mm (342 x 432 mm)
DOPPELBILDNIS Emil Nolde (1867 Nolde - 1956 Seebüll)
Woodcut. 1937.
Signed in pencil lower right numbered left. From the edition of 150 impressions, published by Schweizerische Graphische Gesellschaft. Brilliant impression in deep black with relief on the verso. On thick chamois wove paper.
Reference: Schiefler/Mosel 193 II
Size: 310/314 x 226/229 mm (415 x 295 mm)

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