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felixmuller Conrad Felixmüller (1897-1977)

"Between 1911-15 Conrad Felix Müller (later Felixmüller) attended the School of Applied Arts in Dresden. He met Arnold Schonberg in 1914 and immediately became a member of the Dresden Secession. During his stay in Berlin in 1915 he met Ludwig Meidner and started working for Der Sturm periodical. Between 1916-27 he contributed to Die Aktion, a similar publication. Felixmuller joined the November Group in 1919 after founding the Dresden Secession Group. In 1923 he met Frans Masereel and exhibited at the National Gallery in Berlin. Felixmuller's work was shown at both the Nazi exhibition Reflections of Decay in 1933 and the Degenerate Art exhibition in Munich in 1937. He visited Norway and England in 1938-39. After the war he was appointed Professor at the Martin Luther University from 1949-1962." (From The Marvin and Janet Frishman Collection catalog, Sotheby's/London: 2000)