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Lithograph, 1907.
Pencil signed and inscribed 'Handdruck'
On gray wove paper.
Size: 403 x 385 mm (471 x 370 mm)
Reference: Dube L4


Signed in pencil ELKirchner lower right and inscribed II.Handdruck lower left. A fine, black impression of this extremely rare, early print. On thick, buff wove paper. According to Prof. Günther Gercken, who is preparing the forthcoming new catalogue raisonné of Kirchner's prints, only six or seven impressions are known.One of the most important woodcuts from Kirchner's Dresden years.
Provenance: This impression was reserved for the artist. With the stamp Unverkäuflich EL Kirchner on the verso; Christie's London 2.12.1987, Lot 497;Ahlers Collection, Herford. (Adolf Ahlers AG (publisher), Expressionistische Bilder.Sammlung Firmengruppe Ahlers, Stuttgart 1993, p.112)
Size: 374 x 575 mm (400 x 625 mm.)
Reference: Dube H 140 I (of IV); Gercken I (of III)


Drawing in charcoal. Circa 1909.
A superb early drawing on brown paper. Dr. Günther Gercken, who is presently preparing a catalogue raisonné of the prints of Kirchner, has examined the original and confirms the attribution and date. Provenance: Dr. Gervais, with his notation at the bottom left reverse of the sheet “KLM 12”. Gervais, from the 1930s on, was one of the most discerning and assiduous collectors of Kirchners prints, drawings and watercolors. His collection was dispersed in portions in 1947.
Size: 440 x 340 mm


Black chalk on yellow paper. 1910.
A very nice and charming drawing showing one of the favorite models of the Brücke artists. Until most recently Marcella and Fränzi were thought to be two different girls, sibblings, the two daughters of a circus-artists' family. It was now suspected that they can be identified as one single person, Marcella, called Fränzi (Albers/Presler 1999). The nice yellow paper tone unfaded. With Kirchner's estate stamp on the verso.
Size: 208 x 299 mm


Drypoint. 1910.
Signed in pencil lower right E L Kirchner and inscribed Eigendruck lower left. The only known impression. On thick, buff wove paper. With the stamp Un[v]erkäuflich E L Kirchner on verso. Provenance: C. G. Boerner, Düsseldorf, Lagerliste 9, 1954; Private collection Rheinland.
Size: 197 x 248 mm (221 x 265 mm)
Reference: Dube R 104

Mit Schilf 

Color woodcut. 1910
Signed in pencil lower right E L Kirchner. A fine impression, printed from three blocks in black, brick-red and green, on firm wove paper. Published in 5.Jahresmappe of the Brücke for the passive members in 1910. Beside our print the portfolio contained a woodcut by Heckel (Dube 181) on the cover, as well as Kirchner's Tänzerin mit gehobenem Rock (woodcut, D.141) and Drei Badende an den Moritzburger Seen (drypoint, D.69).
Size: 230 x 305 mm (400 x 470 mm)
Reference: Dube 160


Woodcut. 1911.
Signed in pencil lower right and inscribed lower left. A fine, handprinted impression of this extremely rare print. One of four known impressions in the second state before the edition for Der Sturm. Gercken knows one impression in the first state and doubts that Dubes third state exists. On wove paper.
Provenance: Collection Heinrich Stinnes, Cologne
Gutekunst & Klipstein, 20.-22.6.1938, cat.-no.509 reproduced
Collection Aebli-Streiff, Zurich
Size: 205 x 260 mm (220/223 x 258 mm)
Reference: Dube 182 II (of III)

elisabeth-ufer ELISABETH-UFER (BERLIN)

Woodcut. 1912/13.
Signed in pencil lower right EL Kirchner and dated 13. A superb, deep black impression on firm, structured wove paper, with strong relief. The artist's proof, with stamp Unverkäuflich EL Kirchner and the estate stamp on the verso. Extremely rare, Prof. Gercken knows only one other impression in a private collection in Germany. Another (unsigned) impression was sold in an auction in Stuttgart in 1955 (location unknown).
Provenance: Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett Roman Norbert Ketterer, auction November 1958;C.G. Boerner, stock list 1959 Related works: Elisabethufer, drypoint, 1912, Dube 151 Rotes Elisabethufer, oil on canvas, 1912, Bayrische Staatsgemäldesammlung, Munich
Size: 205 x 228 mm (430 x 340 mm)
Size: 8 1/16 x 9 in. (16 15/16 X 13 378 in.
Reference: Dube H 197

hafen burgstaaken HAFEN BURGSTAAKEN

Etching on zinc. 1913.
Signed in pencil lower right E L Kirchner. A fine impression of this very rare print, with rich tonal contrasts, on firm, brownish paper. Verso with the estate stamp and Kirchners stamp Unverkäuflich (not for sale).
Provenance: formerly Kunsthandel Wolfgang Wittrock, Düsseldorf
Size: 135 x 168 mm (355 x 405 mm)
Reference: Dube R 156

reiter im grunewald REITER IM GRUNEWALD

Lithograph. 1914.
Signed in pencil lower right and dated 15. On smooth yellow paper. On the reverse the collection stamp in blue-green Dr. WK (not in Lugt, propably an earlier version of Lugt 799b: Dr. W. Krieg, Bern [1880-1952]).Extremely scarce. Prof. Gercken knows only 6 other impressions.
Size: 505 x 598 mm (544 x 644 mm)
Size: 19 7/8 x 23 9/16 in. (21 7/16 x 25 3/8 in.)
Reference: Dube L 251 (probably III of IV)